3 Small Bugs & Enhancements

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3 Small Bugs & Enhancements

Postby Prophet1024 » Fri Feb 23, 2007 2:21 pm

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Postby wembley » Mon Feb 26, 2007 8:44 am

1. EsOrderedDictionary>>keysDo:

I look at this a bit differently, but I come to the same conclusion. KeyedCollections implement a set of methods that depend on the ordering of keys. These include at least the following:
In EsIndexedDictionary and its subclasses, all of these methods with the exception of keysDo: are driven by the ordering of 'sequenceableKeys', not the ordering of keys in 'lookupTable'. It seems reasonable that all these methods should behave in a similar manner with respect to key ordering.

Both EsIndexedDictionary>>keysDo: and EsOrderedDictionary>>keysDo: should be modified.

2. EsOrderedDictionary>>values

Yes, a shallowCopy (similar to what is done for 'keys') would be more efficient.

3. EsIndexedDictionary and EsOrderedDictionary both implement = but they don't implement a corresponding hash function. I understand this is probably a bug.

Yes, a bug.

I will open a defect report for these 3 items. Thanks for letting us know about them. If any of your other hundreds of changes should be propogated into the base code, please let us know.
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