VA 7.5 - Linux: Summary of list of errors

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VA 7.5 - Linux: Summary of list of errors

Postby marten » Thu Feb 15, 2007 6:12 am

Ok, I'll do a summary of all the bug/problems I've found so far. In general the error applies to 7.01 or 7.5 - it does not matter.

OpenSuSE = OpenSuSE 10.2
Ubuntu = Ubuntu 6.10

- Linux Ubuntu,OpenSuSE
Its not possible to copy/paste a text into the same window

- Linux Ubuntu
the file open dialog does not work. when doing a selection the content of the directory is cleared and a wrong file path is created

- Linux Ubuntu
installation still not possible due to missing /bin/csh

- Linux Ubuntu, Fedora 6
lots of error messages due to invalid X11 configuration files places in the filesystem

- Linux Ubuntu, OpenSuSE
conversion of strings between code pages do not - more or less - work

- Linux Ubuntu, OpenSuSE
impossible to enter German Umlauts into any VASmalltalk window

- no characters are written in the script (as if no key has been pressed)
- strange characters are written

- Linux Ubuntu, OpenSuSE
menu selection do not work (some do work, some not)

as an example in the Transcript window ...

Do NOT work:
Transcript/File (via ALT + F)
Transcript/Edit (via ALT + E)

Do work:
Transcript/Tools (via ALT + T)
Transcript/Help (via ALT + H)

- Linux Ubuntu, OpenSuSE

When closing VASmalltalk, the "UserBreak" window is very often still left open and also its process

- Linux Ubuntu, OpenSuSE

DatabaseLogin dialog is misformed under Linux, Unix
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Postby Diane Engles » Fri Feb 16, 2007 7:06 am

Hi Marten,

Thanks for your report. I have reproduced some these problems on RedHat Linux and SUSE.

We will add them to our list of things to fix for Linux.


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