VA701, VA750, Ubuntu 6.10 and FileOpen Dialog

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VA701, VA750, Ubuntu 6.10 and FileOpen Dialog

Postby marten » Sat Feb 03, 2007 3:23 am

After playing around with the new version (7.5) I came across a problem with the FileOpen dialog - it simply does not work. The problem is, that the user selection (done in the subwidgets for directories and files) are not registered into the path selection field. This problem is also true for the 7.01 version.

The result is, that always an empty filename is returned to the logic.

I tested this also under Sparc/Solaris 10 and there it works pretty well - as I said: Ubuntu 6.10, but perhaps this is also true for other Linux based systems.


PS.: It also works under OpenSUSE 10.2 - I've just tested it.
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