Rexx Wrapper: Rexx as an external scripting language

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Rexx Wrapper: Rexx as an external scripting language

Postby marten » Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:53 am

Just for information purposes:

I've taken my old REXX wrapper source code and did some work on that during the last days. The wrapper now offers the following:

* it wraps the main dynamic libraries from OpenRexx 3.1.1 (former IBM Object Rexx) (and by the way using the calling convention stdcall !)

* it offers support to run REXX script either from external files or from memory

* it offers support for subcommand handlers written in Smalltalk (REXX calls Smalltalk by Call-Back and request some computation from Smalltalk and waits for the result to continue to work)

* it offers exit handlers for SAY and TRACE (reroute the output from REXX statement TRACE and SAY to Smalltalk)

The test examples show the usage of the wrapper and even some FTP examples are available (Smalltalk call REXX to do FTP transfer).

This wrapper is a good start to work with REXX and use it as a scripting language from Smalltalk.

Some more testing should be done. For example time is too short to see if there are memory leaks ....

Also perhaps in the future some more work could be done in memory pool access (to set and retrieve the values of REXX variables) and for some other exit handlers and for function definitions (call a Smalltalk function definition from REXX - similar to subcommand handlers).

Have fun .... and download from

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