How to turn off GWT problem markers?

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How to turn off GWT problem markers?

Postby jadrake » Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:47 am

I have a maven/GWT project in which I have some unit tests under /src/main/test. Some of the unit tests using JMockit to mock out aspects of either GWT/GXT so that I can write pure JUnits against my code. In one case, I have to mock out a method to get a formatted currency value. I am using the java.text.NumberFormat and java.util.Locale only in the JUnit mock (under main/test) to generate a mocked localized currency value. I started seeing a problem in eclipse when I create and re-create my project....

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"java.util.Locale can not be found in source packages. Check the inheritance chain from your module; it may not be inheriting a required module or a module may not be adding its source path entries properly."

I took me quite a while, but it appears this is part of a feature added to GWT Designer to "validate your code is only using legal inherited classes in your modules."

In the module's .gwt.xml file I have a source statement to the effect:

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<source path='client' excludes='**/*'/>

However this validation does not seem to take this into account (which would have skipped this in this case).

Is there a way to disable this validation? I didn't see any property settings. If not, before reporting this as a validation error any way we can check to see if it is excluded by the modules sources?

I am using GWT Designer 8.1.0.r35x201010220728

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Re: How to turn off GWT problem markers?

Postby Eric Clayberg » Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:12 pm

The build you are using is a bit old at this point, so I would suggest updating to the latest... ... -beta.html

If that does not help, you can try turning off the "Check for 'client' classpath" pref... ... ilder.html
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