Binding a form to a grid

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Binding a form to a grid

Postby ruperty » Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:52 pm


I am new to GWT and Designer and think I am missing a step in binding a form to a grid (GXT).

In the designer I created a form (with two fields and a button) and grid. I want the info in the form to update the grid entries.

When I go to the bindings tab the relevant objects have no properties except <Self Object>, and the "Create data biding" button is not selectable.

What steps have I missed?

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Re: Binding a form to a grid

Postby asablin » Sun Oct 03, 2010 5:43 am

1. Create bean class like follow:

Code: Select all
public class MyBean extends BaseModel {
   public MyBean(){
      set("name", "name");
      set("value", "value");
   public String getName(){
      return get("name");
   public String getValue(){
      return get("value");

2. Switch to the "Bindings" page in designer container with Grid and Form.
3. At both filters select "Widgets":
- at left tree select Grid and property "selection" (directly click on propery).
- at right tree select Form and property "Self Object" (directly click on propery).
4. "Create data binding" button is enabled! Click it.
5. At "Create Data Bindings" dialog:
- "Grid selection element" select MyBean class (via "..." button).
- check "Autobind" or bind each FormField to MyBean attributes.
6. All ready, "Ok" button is enabled.
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