Adding tabs to a GWT TabPanel widget

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Adding tabs to a GWT TabPanel widget

Postby Kelly » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:28 am

Maybe I am going about this wrongly for WBP but..

When I am creating Java application that uses tabfolder and tabitems I normally create the contains of each tab in a separate java file using the composite class and the Choose Component feature of WBP. This way I do not have one java file that contains all of the code. This helps in a lot of ways.

So when I tried that in GWT using the TabPanel I found out that I can not use the GWT composite class as a tabitem in the TabPanel widget and I get an GWT designer error when I create a class that extends the AbsolutePanel and I add that to the code by hand and then switch to designer mode.

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package com.agilemesh.project.client;

import com.smartgwt.client.widgets.Img;

public class PortMapping extends AbsolutePanel {

   public PortMapping() {
      Img img = new Img("/images/ambanner5.png");
      img.setSize("430px", "100px");
      add(img, 10, 10);

I can create the AboslutePanel class by hand and then use the designer to place widgets but I can not create it through the designer.

And the main code to add it is

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RootPanel rootPanel = RootPanel.get();
TabPanel tabPanel = new TabPanel();
rootPanel.add(tabPanel, 6, 6);
tabPanel.setSize("798px", "453px");

AbsolutePanel absolutePanel = new PortMapping();
tabPanel.add(absolutePanel, "Port", false);
absolutePanel.setSize("796px", "441px");

The above will generate an error then I switch to designer mode.
WindowBuilder encountered unexpected internal error. Please contact support.

java.lang.AssertionError: This UIObject's element is not set; you may be missing a call to either Composite.initWidget() or UIObject.setElement()

Am I trying something that should not be done this way or is a WBP fix needed?
Can you show me the correct way?

If you need the project source let me know.

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Re: Adding tabs to a GWT TabPanel widget

Postby Kelly » Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:10 pm

I think something was out of sync and the above designer error was happening, sorry.

I can now enter designer mode with the PortMapping class in my main file and designer shows the PortMapping class.

But I am now getting an error from the webpage when I switch to designer mode.
See attachment for webpage error.
web page error when switching to designer mode.
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Re: Adding tabs to a GWT TabPanel widget

Postby Eric Clayberg » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:01 pm

I did not have any problem adding a Composite as a page to a TabPanel.

The "Message from webpage" dialog you are getting appears to be caused by a bug in SmartGWT. We can easily reproduce it at runtime in a browser as well (see the attached test case).

I would suggest ignoring it and closing the dialog any time it appears. You can also report the bug to the SmartGWT developers (use the attached test case, if you like).
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