Hardware recommendation for performance

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Hardware recommendation for performance

Postby vampie » Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:54 pm

Switching source and design page ( on big projects ) sometimes can be pain.

sometimes it takes 20-30 second to switch.

Where is the bottleneck ? CPU bound or Disk IO bound? or both?

for example if I buy Xeon based CPU and Solid State Disk with good read write ratio,
will it be fast to switch between design and source tabs? Can i expect x2, x3 performance gain?

what is your opinion?

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Re: Hardware recommendation for performance

Postby Eric Clayberg » Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:04 am

vampie wrote:Switching source and design page ( on big projects ) sometimes can be pain.

So can compiling and launching a GWT app using hosted mode. Especially the first time you switch to Design mode during a session, quite a bit of GWT compilation needs to take place and GWT hosted mode needs to be initialized. It should be faster after that, but ultimately it is gated by the speed of GWT itself. If you have a project that takes a long time to launch in hosted mode, it will take a long time to initially open in design mode. In fact, due to some optimizations that we make, we should be able to switch to design mode faster than GWT can launch hosted mode.

vampie wrote:Where is the bottleneck ? CPU bound or Disk IO bound? or both?

It is CPU and memory bound. After a couple of edit cycles all the needed information will be in the cache in any case, so disk speed is not so important. GWT hosted mode start up is performed in the SWT main thread, without parallelization, so, right now a CPU with 2 fast cores is better than a CPU will 4 cores but at lower speed. The more memory you can assign to Eclipse, the better. In any case, you can monitor your system during opening the Design page using, for example, the Windows "Resource Monitor" from the Task Manager (I'm sure there is something similar for Linux as well).

vampie wrote:what is your opinion?

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