Geometry Management

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Geometry Management

Postby EGR » Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:10 am

Hi @ all,

I'm fighting a little bit with the geometry management in GWT (Designer). Is there a good tutorial for this? I was familiar with OSF/Motif Form widget and Tk geometry mngmt, but somehow the concepts are different here...

My aim is to have a fully resizeable main window - is that possible at all?

Most of my issues, no matter if horiz. or vert., can be broken down to: (1) a fix value in px, (2) a dynamic value, (3) another fix value in px. (2) should be determined by: overall {width|height}-(1)-(3). Is that possible for dynamic overall values? Or, probably, should I focus on a static UI to avoid all these issues? Thx ia


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Re: Geometry Management

Postby Eric Clayberg » Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:13 am

GWT Designer should allow you to do anything supported by GWT. Whether GWT supports what you want is a question best addressed to Google's GWT forum.

You may be able to do this problematically somehow, but this is beyind teh scope of what we can help you with here.

One thought would be to see how com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Viewport is implemented. You may be able to do something similar (disable Window scrolling and track its resize).
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