QUESTION: register/login using a database

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QUESTION: register/login using a database

Postby PaPa_Smerf » Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:12 am

Hey, i'm new here and just starting out with GWT and GWT Designer and i was wondering how i would go about creating a program that will allow users to register, and log in to their accounts using a database. I'm hoping it'll be secure, but if not my program doesn't need to be secure just yet.

Some background:
I'm making a program that will search bookstores like amazon, barnes and noble, borders, etc.. for books by ISBN numbers. Once books are found the information will be stored to a database where the user can monitor the prices, quantity, and popularity of their books. I wanted to use GWT to design the user interface, and i saw the tutorial on the login thing, but i'm not sure how to use GWT to create new users and have old users log in using the user database.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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Re: QUESTION: register/login using a database

Postby Eric Clayberg » Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:49 am

Unfortunately, this is not the best place to ask general GWT usage questions. Those should be posted to Google's GWT forum.

This forum is specifically for GWT Designer related support issues.

We do have a professional services group that can advise you or help design or even build your application for you.
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