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popup example

Postby richfarrell » Wed Jun 20, 2007 8:24 am

First let me say I love gwtDesigner, its been great to work with.

I don't understand how to use the popup panel however (more of a gwt issue I'm sure than just designer).

If I create a popuppanel, should I instantiate an instance of it in my composite that I want to have a popup?

Ive tried creating a panel using gwt>popupPanel,

My popup is just:

public class SurveyUsersPopup extends PopupPanel {
public SurveyUsersPopup() {
final FlexTable userTable = new FlexTable();
userTable.setSize("100%", "100%");

final Label testLabel = new Label("TEST");
userTable.setWidget(0, 0, testLabel);

and then within my composite i just load it with
new SurveyUsersPopup().show();

however that throws an error at runtime.

Is there a popup example around somewhere?

Thanks for any advice.
... Rich
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Re: popup example

Postby Eric Clayberg » Sun Jun 24, 2007 3:19 pm

richfarrell wrote:Is there a popup example around somewhere?

Have you looked at Google's GWT examples?

The Kitchen Sink example has a page with popups.
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