Cannot Add GWT App to my Site

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Cannot Add GWT App to my Site

Postby Toriacht » Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:33 am


I've ported a previously designed applet to GWT and it runs fine in
hosted mode. I am unable however how to get this running on my
website. I selected 'Deploy Module' and successfully built the war

I have unsuccessfully tried to add this application to my website by doing
the following.

1. I uploaded the .war file to my Web Server. (location /files/jar/

2. I edited the
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tag of the individual page I wish to add this app to as follows:

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<meta name="gwt:module" content="/files/

3. I am using a Homestead SiteBuilder ( to build/
maintain my site. To edit the body I tried the two options provided by
the builder. Method (a) below worked successfully when adding the applet. It's just a shortcut to add HTML to any part of the page.

(a) I inserted a HTML snippet to the page as follows:
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<script language="JavaScript" src="/files/jar/gwt.js"></script>


I assume the gwt.js file is inside the .war file?

(b) I also tried the following option:
there is also a section for javascript to select the onload/onunload options. IN this section I
was unsure what to add. I tried adding the full <script lang.... ....>
but this caused the page to error.
I also tried just adding src="files/jar/gwt.js" to the onload option
but to no avail.

When I had the applet working I had the jar stored in the same
location as the .war file is now stored and the following HTML code
<applet ARCHIVE="/files/jar/myapp.jar" CODE="optiontwo.MyApplet"
WIDTH = 1400 HEIGHT = 300>
Your browser is not Java enabled.

Can anyone help please?

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Postby Toriacht » Fri Jun 08, 2007 12:38 am


I've unzipped the .war file and moved all the files to the root folder
of my website. it's in the same location as the webpage I'm trying to
add the application to. I've edited the tags accordingly:

<meta name="gwt:module" content="com.mycompany.project.client.ImageViewer"/

and i've added to the body using the insert HTML snippet option as

<script language="JavaScript" src="gwt.js"></script>

Yet still nothing happens! Any ideas?

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Postby Konstantin.Scheglov » Fri Jun 08, 2007 8:03 am

Please read GWT documentation about HTML host pages, I don't think that it supports "jar=something".

And in general all content of web application should be in single WAR. To build WAR for one or more GWT modules plus some static content you can use "Web project" from GWT Designer, see
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