Using GWT Designer 1.5.0 with GWT Trunk

GWT Designer allows you to quickly create the modules, composites, panels, remote services and other elements that comprise Google Web Tookit applications.

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Using GWT Designer 1.5.0 with GWT Trunk

Postby jeffmaury » Mon Mar 05, 2007 7:43 am

I am trying to use GWT Designer with the GWT Widgets library for scriptalous effects. However, because there are some bugs in the OLE/COM layer for JSNI, I switched to the trunk version of GWT.
Unfortunatelly, Google made uncompatible changes to the JavascriptObject class and the designer (at least the 1.5.0) fails when using the Design view.
So my questions are:
1) Are you aware of those changes ?
2) How will you support this incompatibility ?
3) Does 1.5.1 supports trunk version of GWT ?

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Postby Konstantin.Scheglov » Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:40 am

Hm... We have sources of GWT from repository, however we just look on them (for example on GWTShell) and don't build GWT user library. So, I can not test with trunk GWT.

Can you build gwt-user.jar and send to support, so we will look on it and decide how to support?

1. Yes, I saw discussion in GWT development forum.

2. We will find some solution. ;-) May be this will mean that GWT Designer 1.6 (may be different version) will support only GWT 1.4.

3. No, 1.5.1 is development version, but we support only releases of GWT.
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