Native method cannot access $wnd in GWT Designer

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Native method cannot access $wnd in GWT Designer

Postby arikthered » Mon Dec 11, 2006 6:48 am

whenever I create a native method in a client class and access it:
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public class EditorViewer implements EntryPoint
   public native void create() /*-{
      $wnd.alert( "hi" );

   public void onModuleLoad()
      // ...

I get a "Failure to load module" and the following stack trace:

Code: Select all JavaScript TypeError exception: '$wnd' is undefined
   at org.codehaus.plexus.web.editor.client.EditorViewer.create(

Shouldn't $wnd always be defined? Is this a defect in the GWT Designer deployment/runtime? I am using version 1.0.1 (I had to, to solve another error).
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Re: Native method cannot access $wnd in GWT Designer

Postby Eric Clayberg » Tue Dec 12, 2006 5:38 am

A couple of us tried your example using GWT 1.2.22 and the latest GWT Designer 1.0.1 build and did not have a problem. We pasted your code in an eisting entry point and ran it using Run As > GWT Application.

We could not reproduce your exception, so it is likely a local configuration issue on your end.

All I can suggest is to mke sure that you are using the latets version of both GWT and GWT Designer.
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