New option for cut and paste

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New option for cut and paste

Postby Kelly » Wed Feb 02, 2005 8:36 am

I come from a UNIX background and love the cut and paste method used by the X windowing system.

In X, if I highlight any text it is automatically placed into the cut buffer and when I wish to paste the cut buffer all I needed to do was click the middle mouse button at the location I wanted the text to be inserted.

In the X environment I often double click a word or triple click a line to add it to the cut buffer and then move cursor to new location and click the middle mouse button to insert. Does that not sound quick and easy?

Can you add an option to the editor configuration that alllows a user to enable this type of cut and paste method please?

The actions to select, cut and paste text in the windows world has always seemed cumbersome and slow to me.

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