Parsing not working after an error

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Parsing not working after an error

Postby dfayerma » Fri Jan 21, 2005 5:35 am

If the Designer UI parser enconters an error, synchronization between the code and the designer window is broken even if code is modified to fix the problem. Here are the steps

1. Open the code that causes parser error and switch to designer
The parsing error is displayed in the toolbar
2. Fix the source code and switch back to the designer
The form is randered but the error is still displayed in the tollbar.

The same problem going the other way:
1. Open code that can be successfully parsed in designer
2. Switch to editor and break the code
3. Switch back to designer, the form is still displayed and no error is shown.
4. Close editor and reopen. Switch to the designer view - parser error is now displayed.
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