Plugins connection problem

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Plugins connection problem

Postby avier5 » Sun Jan 09, 2005 7:15 am

Hi All,
I need your help in understanding how to solve my following problem:

I have built a main plugin and made it a standealone plugin.It runs fine and works as I need. Now I need a smaller plugin that will be with one view and it will be loaded when I need that view. I declered an extention point in my main plugin XML and exported the small plugin into the main plugin 'plugins' directory. When I tried to run the application and load the smaller plugin a ClassNotFoundException was seen on the screen. It seems that the main plugin doesn't know from where to read the needed classes....

How I can make the main plugin know about the smaller plugins that I put in it's directory.
A general question : how does eclipse load it's plugins?
Thanks in advance,
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