Databinding and WindowBuilder Pro 7.1 Upgrade

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Databinding and WindowBuilder Pro 7.1 Upgrade

Postby octavio » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:42 pm

I had databinding working fine with code generated by the prior major release of SWT Designer.
I upgraded to WindowsBuilderPro 7.1 and the code (shown below) is now throwing an error:
org.eclipse.core.runtime.AssertionFailedException: assertion failed: Getter called on disposed observable org.eclipse.core.internal.databinding.beans.BeanObservableMapDecorator@2635ee49

This error is thrown if I call
and re-bind immediately after with
m_bindingContext = this.initDataBindings();

I'm thinking of removing all databinding code and recreating it. Appreciate any alternatives to this approach or a link that will explain the differences in databinding between the current and older versions.

Thanks in advance...

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   protected DataBindingContext initDataBindings() {
      ObservableSetContentProvider customerListViewerContentProviderSet = new ObservableSetContentProvider();
      IObservableMap[] customerListViewerLabelProviderMaps = BeansObservables.observeMaps(customerListViewerContentProviderSet.getKnownElements(), Customer.class, new String[]{"officialName"});
      listViewer.setLabelProvider(new ObservableMapLabelProvider(customerListViewerLabelProviderMaps));
      WritableSet customerSetWritableSet = new WritableSet(customerSet, Customer.class);
      DataBindingContext bindingContext = new DataBindingContext();
      return bindingContext;

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Re: Databinding and WindowBuilder Pro 7.1 Upgrade

Postby Eric Clayberg » Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:04 pm

Please send a complete test case.

Also note that the latest build is v7.2, not v7.1.
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