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SWT Designer allows you to create the views, editors, perspectives, pref pages, composites, etc. that comprise Eclipse SWT & RCP applications and plug-ins.

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Wizard Wizard

Postby allawy » Fri Jun 11, 2004 6:28 am

Hi Eric;

More and more requests :), I hope you won't hate me eventually...

The Wizard Page is just wonderful, the small thing it's missing now is...

Why can't I create a Wizard Dialog and add wizard Pages to it? just like I create a custom Composite and add it to some dialog/frame?

The idea is so simple, and I hope the implementation is too, these small things may not sound searious, but it's for sure going to make SWTD very pop (as if it's not now) :)

This is one of the things I really miss now.

By the way, I'm presenting a siminar in Amman-Jordan next month, simple one about "eclipse" and "Hibernate", and I'm showing how SWT-Designer is a life saver for anyone chooses eclipse as a development platform.
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