SWT Designer v1.2.4 Released!

SWT Designer allows you to create the views, editors, perspectives, pref pages, composites, etc. that comprise Eclipse SWT & RCP applications and plug-ins.

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SWT Designer v1.2.4 Released!

Postby Eric Clayberg » Thu Mar 18, 2004 6:28 pm

Major v1.2.4 update to SWT Designer includes support for a large number of new code generation options (flat mode, variable sharing, etc.), new editor layout options (split vs. tabbed), a new layout assistant, a new ViewPart wizard, performance and speed enhancements, Eclipsde 3.0 M7 support plus many other new features.

    :arrow: New non-commercial & academic pricing announced
    :arrow: Eclipse 3.0 M7 Support
    :arrow: Added new Code Generation options page
    :arrow: Support for flat mode (e.g., create components within the same scope rather than in separate blocks)
    :arrow: Prefix (separate) component creation with blank lines or custom comments :!:
    :arrow: Declare variables at the top of the method or where first assigned :!:
    :arrow: Optionally declare widget variables as final :!:
    :arrow: Share variables like "girdData", "formData", "label", "button", etc. :!:
    :arrow: Automatically create event handler stub methods :!:
    :arrow: Set the default variable name for different types :!:
    :arrow: Specify which widget types should be created as fields automatically :!:
    :arrow: New "Attachment Style" menu for FormLayout :!:
    :arrow: New Layout Assistant for FormLayout :!:
    :arrow: Added new ViewPart wizard :!:
    :arrow: Added options to control the editor layout
    :arrow: Place the Source view on a separate tab or in a split pane
    :arrow: Place the Canvas to the right, left, top or bottom of the editor
    :arrow: Show grid feedback during null layout move or size operations
    :arrow: Convert any layout to an equivalent null layout
    :arrow: New "sticky mode". Hold down Ctrl key to add multiple widgets of the same type
    :arrow: Support for image selection relative to project
    :arrow: New gradient editor for CLabels :!:
    :arrow: Added Draft Mode for showing widgets on the Mac
    :arrow: Added Thumbnail/Overview to Outline view
    :arrow: Added setSize() support for JFace ApplicationWindows
    :arrow: Improved memory and resource management
:!: = professional edition only
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