initDataBindings not updated in code

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initDataBindings not updated in code

Postby codegod » Wed Oct 01, 2008 5:18 am

Hi NG,

I have the following behaviour, which in my opinion is a bug of the designer. I have two SWT-Text-fields, add a SWT-databinding for both fields. Ok, works, but when I remove one Text-field (delete) in the designer, the databinding is not removed in the code:

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   protected DataBindingContext initDataBindings() {
      IObservableValue projectPlanDescriptionObserveValue = BeansObservables.observeValue(projectPlan, "description");
      IObservableValue projectPlanNameObserveValue = BeansObservables.observeValue(projectPlan, "name");
      IObservableValue txtPrjPlanDescriptionTextObserveWidget = SWTObservables.observeText(txtPrjPlanDescription, SWT.Modify);
      DataBindingContext bindingContext = new DataBindingContext();
      bindingContext.bindValue(txtProjNameTextObserveWidget, projectPlanNameObserveValue, null, null);
      bindingContext.bindValue(txtPrjPlanDescriptionTextObserveWidget, projectPlanDescriptionObserveValue, null, null);
      return bindingContext;

The txtProjName does not exist anymore, but the databinding for it still exists.
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Re: initDataBindings not updated in code

Postby Eric Clayberg » Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:24 am

Give this a try in the latest SWT Designer build.
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