SWT Designer on the Mac - Status Update

SWT Designer allows you to create the views, editors, perspectives, pref pages, composites, etc. that comprise Eclipse SWT & RCP applications and plug-ins.

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SWT Designer on the Mac - Status Update

Postby Eric Clayberg » Sun Feb 29, 2004 7:23 am

After spending several days trying to figure out why SWT Designer was not working on the Mac, we traced the problem to the copyArea(Image image, int x, int y) method in the SWT GC class. Under Windows and Linux that method is implemented while on the Mac that method is no-op'ed out. E.g.,

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public void copyArea(Image image, int x, int y) {
      if (handle == 0) SWT.error(SWT.ERROR_GRAPHIC_DISPOSED);
      if (image == null) SWT.error(SWT.ERROR_NULL_ARGUMENT);
      if (image.type != SWT.BITMAP || image.isDisposed()) SWT.error (SWT.ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT);

This is a critical problem that prevents Designer from running properly on the Mac. We need to copy a region of the screen (a window) into an image that we can then use within GEF. Because of this problem, we always end up with an empty (white) image.

We have create a Bugzilla entry (53358) which you can use to track the status of this problem on the Eclipse.org side. Once this bug is fixed, Designer should be able to work properly.

As a work around to make the product usable in the Mac, we have just implemented a new "Draft Mode" option (on the General preference page) that will make Designer use emulated graphics rather than real widget images. In draft mode, you will be able to see all of the widgets and manipulate them as you would normally. Most major attribute settings will be visible, but they will look "flatter" and some minor attributes will not be rendered.

For example, a window that looks like this under normal mode...


...will look like this under draft mode...


This is available now in v1.2.4.
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