Creating Eclipse Plug-ins

SWT Designer allows you to create the views, editors, perspectives, pref pages, composites, etc. that comprise Eclipse SWT & RCP applications and plug-ins.

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Creating Eclipse Plug-ins

Postby dvancoevorden » Wed Aug 06, 2003 11:13 pm


If I want to create an Eclipse plugin view, how do I go about? I think the JFace Dialog is meant to be a standalone app? However I could copy-paste the JFace Dialog code into a Viewpart or something. Am I missing something here? Please help me out?

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Postby admin » Thu Aug 07, 2003 1:01 am

We are going to support more JFace and Eclipse related GUI elements: wizards, views, property and preference pages, etc.
We just uploaded new demo with WizardPage design.
Currently View designing is not supported, but we will add it to professional version in near future.
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