CodePro: javadoc on wrong method

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CodePro: javadoc on wrong method

Postby obdobion » Mon Dec 22, 2003 11:07 am

In this example codepro complains that there is no javadoc on "acceptReport. But it attempts to fix the "blackoutDifferences" method instead. And the cursor positioning in that method is incorrect. CodePro works as expected if an inner class is not involved. BTW: I have changed the options to only check public methods for the Javadoc warnings.
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public abstract class ReportTestCase extends BatchTestCase {

     * Simple listener that can accept reports coming off the event channel.
     * @author DeGreefC
     * @version created on Oct 20, 2003
    private class ReportsECListener implements ReportsECConsumer {
        public void acceptReport(ReportStruct report) {
            arrived = true;
   = report;

            //            Log.debug(
            //                getClass().getName()
            //                    + " received report for dest = \""
            //                    + report.destination
            //                    + "\" with byte count = "
            //                    + report.reportContents.length);

     * "Black out" a portion of a <code>String</code>.  <code>string</code>
     * will be overwritten with 'X' from <code>startIndex</code> to
     * <code>endIndex</code>.
     * @param string
     * @param startIndex the start index (inclusive)
     * @param endIndex the end index (exclusive)
     * @return String
    private static String blackoutDifference(
Is there a specific forum for CodePro instead of this one?
Chris DeGreef
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Re: CodePro: javadoc on wrong method

Postby Eric Clayberg » Mon Dec 22, 2003 11:50 am

obdobion wrote:Is there a specific forum for CodePro instead of this one?

CodePro questions and bug reports (with relevant examples) should be sent to This forum should be reserved for SWT Designer questions.
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