User problem with Databinding

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User problem with Databinding

Postby raven » Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:33 pm


My environment is: Eclipse 3.3 Release, Latest RCP Developer Release


I have placed 3 SWT text controls and labels on a composite in the ViewPart of an RCP application.

The same view contains a Bean representing the Domain Object. This bean has 3 corresponding attributes.

Now, using the Designer to bind those, creates following code:

bindingContext.bindValue(txtFirstNameTextObserveWidget, personFirstNameObserveValue, null, null);

... the tool is now complaining about the generated code, it obviously expects something like this:

bindingContext.bindValue(txtFirstNameTextObserveWidget, personFirstNameObserveValue, null);

Why is that? What did I do wrong?

Thanks a lot
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Re: User problem with Databinding

Postby Eric Clayberg » Fri Jul 20, 2007 5:58 pm

You appear to be using an pre-release version of Eclipse 3.3 as there is no 3-argument version of the bindValue() method in the Eclipse 3.3 final release.

The Eclipse 3.3 release version of the method has 4 arguments...

Code: Select all
   public final Binding bindValue(IObservableValue targetObservableValue,
         IObservableValue modelObservableValue,
         UpdateValueStrategy targetToModel, UpdateValueStrategy modelToTarget) {
      UpdateValueStrategy targetToModelStrategy = targetToModel != null ? targetToModel
                  : createTargetToModelUpdateValueStrategy(targetObservableValue, modelObservableValue);
      UpdateValueStrategy modelToTargetStrategy = modelToTarget != null ? modelToTarget
            : createModelToTargetUpdateValueStrategy(modelObservableValue, targetObservableValue);
      targetToModelStrategy.fillDefaults(targetObservableValue, modelObservableValue);
      modelToTargetStrategy.fillDefaults(modelObservableValue, targetObservableValue);
      ValueBinding result = new ValueBinding(targetObservableValue,
            modelObservableValue, targetToModelStrategy,
      return result;
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